My tattoos and why not to get one!

As a teenager, I admired other people’s tattoos, but never wanted one. Some of my best friends as well as my musical idols had many tattoos and I thought they added to their personalities. But being as eclectic as I am, I thought it was too difficult to decide what to ink on my skin forever: a quote? a symbol? an animal? The word forever can be scary, don’t you think? This is exactly what getting a tattoo meant to me: not to be scared by forever and to carry a colorful story on my body!

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Genoa in 1 Day – walking tour

It is no secret that Genoa is one of my favourite cities around the globe. I find its little streets intriguing, and the Old Port stately. I am never tired of visiting it, and come here as much as I can, as I live just a couple of hours from it.

The last time I visit Genoa I could spend only a day there, so I decided to make the most out of this limited time. I collected some ideas on how you could spend a single day in Genoa without missing the best spots under the palm trees!Read More »