What to Do on a 3 Day Vacation in Prague

Prague is certaintly one of those cities that once visited, you can never forget. Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague is as charming as Rome and Paris and has a history of art and different styles.

The best time to visit Prague is in the late Spring, where the sun is warm and the sky clear. You can plan your stay for a long weekend in May or June, as I did earlier this year. Of course, it’s quite impossible to visit the whole city in 3 days – remember that Prague’s medieval centre is inscribed in the World Heritage List! – but I’ve collected some of the things you can’t miss and that are also easy to see!

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Mistakes To Avoid When Visiting Italy

I am lucky. I live in a country that many people consider as the most beautiful in the world. Visiting our peninsula is an unforgettable experience for many tourists: even in the smallest town in Italy there are attractions to see: ancient remains, churches, artworks, wonderful squares. Anyway we have our own culture and conventions, so mistakes among tourists are understandable.

If you are planning to visit Italy, this post is for having the best from it!

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Genoa in 1 Day – walking tour

It is no secret that Genoa is one of my favourite cities around the globe. I find its little streets intriguing, and the Old Port stately. I am never tired of visiting it, and come here as much as I can, as I live just a couple of hours from it.

The last time I visit Genoa I could spend only a day there, so I decided to make the most out of this limited time. I collected some ideas on how you could spend a single day in Genoa without missing the best spots under the palm trees!Continua a leggere…