My tattoos and why not to get one!

As a teenager, I admired other people’s tattoos, but never wanted one. Some of my best friends as well as my musical idols had many tattoos and I thought they added to their personalities. But being as eclectic as I am, I thought it was too difficult to decide what to ink on my skin forever: a quote? a symbol? an animal? The word forever can be scary, don’t you think? This is exactly what getting a tattoo meant to me: not to be scared by forever and to carry a colorful story on my body!

The Useless Generation rose

photo by Kevin Cummins
Richey Edwards playing live









The first tattoo I got is the one that means the most to me, being a Manic Street Preachers fan. I started listening to the Manics in 1998 and they are still my favourite band. Their lyricist and guitarist Richey Edwards, who disappeared in misterious circumstances in 1995, had this old school rose tattooed on his arm with the words “useless generation“. The same tattoo was also portrayed on the cover of their debut album Generation Terrorists with the words changed to the album title. To me this tattoo speaks about my love for the Manics and also suggests how I feel about my generation since we are not going to change the world… The photo was taken by photographer Kevin Cummins in London, as he was interested in fans’ tattoos. He has taken some of the best Manic Street Preachers photos so it was one of the best experiences of my life!

The Odd-eyed cat

I love cats, and currenlty live with two beautiful rascals named Luna and Iside. Iside is the last we adopted from a local shelter and she’s the sweetest cat ever. I decided to get this tattoo because I love cats and the quote “Everything must go” refers to a song by the Manics – look at their video, it’s pretty amazing.

The Retro Spaceship

As I little girl, I would rather play with rockets and spacecrafts than dolls. I have always been a huge science-fiction fan, and still collect ’50s and ’60s sci-fi books. The illustrations on those books are incredible and always makes me dream!

The Lipstick Traces

Here is another Manic Street Preachers tattoo! Stay Beautiful is their 1992 single and one of my favourite songs as a teenager – the cover of the single features Manic Street Preachers written with lipstick, and it’s also a tribute to glam rock (see the New York Dolls) and the book Lipstick Traces which shows the connections between punk music, DADA and the Situationist International. This tattoo referes to many things I like, and last but not least it’s a personal reminder to live as I like!


So, these are my tattoos so far but I have others already planned – and this is the reason why you should never get a tattoo – once you start and love it, you can’t stop!


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