A Journey to: Venezia

When you think about beautiful places and cities to visit, you think about Venice. I recently spent a romantic weekend with my husband here! One of the things that always amazes me when I’m here is the relationship between the city and the water, which is ancient and extraordinary: Venice was built on water over 1,500 years ago!

Grand Canal is the main canal but remember Venice is made up of 117 different islands! So a trip here necessarily involves a water-based trip using vaporetto or why not? a gondola!

beautiful gondole just in front of San Marco
wonderful and colorful home entrance in Burano: just look at those flamingos!
Burano is one of my favourite places: the colorful houses are so lovely! Burano is a tiny island of the lagoon
sunny but freezing!
you can’t visit Venezia and forget to have an aperitif with Spritz!
one of the cats of Acqua Alta bookstore, another gorgeous place!
The name of this bookstore means “Library of High Water” and refers to the waterways that periodically rise and flood the city

stay beautiful,


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